WB 2.9.19 First Week!

The children have loved learning about visions and values this week. They particularly enjoyed the team games which helped them to develop their social skills and helped them to get to know each other and their teachers a little bit better.

Each child produced a beautiful sketch of the innovator that their class is named after, using specific sketching techniques.

The children have been so well behaved and have loved their first week in their new year groups. The teachers have loved meeting their new classes also.

Our stars of the week this week are:

Lamarr: Freddie

Brunel: Sameer

Tesla: Olivia

Braille: Kavishna

We are so proud of all of them – well done for reflecting the Kingsley Values in your first week!

WB: 15/7/19

This week the children have enjoyed creating Passports to Year 3, which will be shared with their new teachers for next year. They have learned about different drawing techniques for line and tone and ways in which to hold a pencil to achieve darker and lighter shades. They have been putting these skills to the test by creating portraits of famous people such as Marie Curie and Amy Johnson.

In Maths this week the children have enjoyed consolidating their learning about fractions and have been using various manipulatives to solve fraction problems.

Our stars of the week in Year 2 this week are:
Attenborough: Freddie
Goodall: Aamira
Darwin: Zakaria
Carver: Nazanin
As ever, we are extremely proud of our stars of the week.

WB: 8/7/19

This week the children have learnt about Fire Safety in their homes and at school. They have planned their escape routes if ever there was a fire and they have compared the fire safety procedures we have in the 21st Century to the fire safety regulations in 1666 for the Great Fire of London.

The children have reviewed their learning of their times tables and have completed investigations into the 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

Our Stars of the week in Year 2 this week are:
Attenborough: Matas
Goodall: Cody
Darwin: Anthony
Carver: Mohammad-Akmal

WB: 1/7/19

This week the children have been thinking about what it may have been like living in 1666 and seeing the Great Fire of London.  Having researched Samuel Pepys and his diary entries the children have been using features of diary writing to help hem write their own account of what it might have been like if they witnessed the fire. 

They have loved looking at different art techniques to try to represent the movement of fire and have looked at various artistic impressions of London during the Great Fire also.

In Maths the children have enjoyed using manipulatives like the bead strings to help them to add 2 digit numbers to other 2 digit numbers.

We are incredibly proud of all the chidlrne in Year 2 and are delighted to share this week’s stars of the week in year 2:

Attenborough: Daria

Darwin: Thomas

Carver: Bill

Goodall: Gracjan

wb: 24.6.19

This week the children have explore figurative language and have considered what it must have been like to be an eye witness to the Great Fire of London. We have started to read some of Samuel Pepys diary extracts too.

In Maths, the children have been learning about the rounding and adjusting strategy for when you add 9 to a number. They are becoming much more efficient!

We have enjoyed creating a class collage of the streets of 1666 during the time of The Great Fire of London too.

The children were amazing during Sports Day on Monday and had a fabulous time at Croydon Arena. They made us so proud and represented Kingsley Primary so well. Well done Year 2!

Our stars of the week this week are awarded to each class in Year 2 for their impeccable behaviour and sportsmanship during our Sports Day. Well done Darwin, Carver, Attenborough and Goodall classes!

WB: 17/6/19

This week the children have been writing their own versions of ‘Vlad and the Great Fire of London’.  They have been using talk4writing to plan out their stories and have been boxing up the story, which they are familiar with.  The children have loved making 3D models of houses from the time of the Great Fire of London also.

In Maths the children have been using their number bonds to 10 to help them subtract numbers crossing the tens barrier.  They have been using tens frames and counters.

During French day this week the children performed songs they have been practising in French with Madame Simpson.  They performed the songs to all of KS2, who loved it.  We were very proud of them – well done Year 2!

Our stars of the week this week are:

Attenborough: Rashana

Carver: Nathan

Goodall: Abel

Darwin: Aneiah