WB 9/9/19

Next week the children will be beginning their new topic ‘Pioneers who changed the world’. They will be taking part in an exciting hook day on Monday where they will be learning how communication has changed through the stone ages to the modern era through exploring a variety of exciting activities such as sketching and cave art.

In Maths the children will be learning about place value and revisiting some of their place value learning. There will be a focus on times tables also.

We will be introducing the children to our focus book ‘The Stoneage Boy’ by Satoshi Kitamura.

Additionally, please can you ensure that your children are wearing the correct school uniform and bring in a PE kit on Monday. Thank you.

WB: 22/7/19

The children are looking forward to their party on Monday. Please be sure to sign up to the food contributions lists for these. The children will be celebrating their learning next week and will be enjoying various assemblies and shows from their peers as well.

The children will need to be picked up at the normal time on the last day of term, which is Tuesday.

Finally, The Year 2 Team would like to thank all parents for their support in their child’s learning this year and wish you all a healthy and happy Summer break.

WB: 15/7/19

Next week the focus will be on transition and changes. We will be conducting lots of circle time and thinking about ways we can deal with nerves or anxiety. The children will be completing passports to Year 3 in which they will be able to tell their new teachers all about themselves and include their goals and aspirations for the future.

In Maths the children will be reviewing their learning about fractions.

WB: 8/7/19

As the children have been learning all about The Great Fire of London, next week they will be taking a detailed look at fire safety and how to keep safe.  They will be researching and creating fire safety leaflets as well as thinking about their own escape routes at home in case of a fire. 

The children will be learning about life just before the Great Fire of London and how the fire had helped to stop the plague, which had rampaged through the city beforehand. 

In Maths the children will be reviewing their learning about multiplication and division and will be solving problems related to the 2, 5 and 10 times tables.  They will be using various manipulatives and will be using number lines to repeatedly add and subtract.

WB: 1.7.19

Next week, the children will be continuing to consider what it may have been like to experience the Great Fire of London and will be planning and writing diary entries in the style of Samuel Pepys about the main events of the tragedy.

The children will be looking at secondary sources if historical evidence in the form of paintings and trying to replicate them using various art media and techniques.

In maths the children will be consolidating their learning about addition and subtraction and will be solving problems by choosing the most efficient addition or subtraction method they have learned over the past few weeks.

On Tuesday 2nd July, in the afternoon, the children will be meeting their new teachers for next year.

WB: 17/6/19

In Topic next week the children will be writing their own versions of the story ‘Vlad and the Great Fire of London’.  They will be using Talk4Writing and will be dramatising some sections of the story to help them rewrite it.  They will also be making their own models of the houses in London during the Stuart era.

In Maths the children will be looking at how their number bonds to 10 can help them to subtract across the 10 barrier.

On Wednesday next week it will be French day.  To celebrate this we have asked the children to come to school wearing red, white and blue to reflect the colour of the French Tricolour flag.  We cannot wait to see their French inspired outfits next week!