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You’ll find the weekly tasks in this document:


You’ll find the weekly tasks in this document:


Daily reading for 20 mins, can read newspapers, magazines, or listen to audio stories from the link before.  

In this document you will find some quick comprehensions:


This week you’ll be creating your own healthy meal. Take a look at the food wheel:

safefood | The Eatwell Plate
  • What nutrients are there?
  • Which ones do we need?
  • How much of each nutrient do we need?


This week your task will be to make your own clay! All you will need is a few simple ingredients:

1 glass of salt

1 glass of water

A little bit of oil

3 glasses of flour (add it little by little)

Paint or food colouring

Mixing bowl and spoon (or alternatively, just use your hands!)

When your clay is ready, sculpt the pots you designed last week!


This week we are going to be learning about the Greek origins of democracy and its impact on the UK. Compare our process of democratic voting to how the Greeks used to vote in Ancient Greece.


In this lesson you will learn to sing an ascending musical scale using actions.


Christianity – What is the sacred text of Christianity?