WB: 20/5/19

Next week we are going to become visual authors and will be creating our own comic strips about the life of a seed.  We will be reading ‘The Tiny Seed’ by Eric Carle as a stimulus for this.  The children will be creating some bean collage artworks and will be looking at some of the art of Guiseppe Archimboldo also.

In Maths the children will be consolidating their learning so far this term and reviewing aspects of shape, number and statistics.

WB: 13/5/19

This week the children looked at our local environment and ways in which it is not being looked after.  We saw some pictures of littering in and around our community and looked at the impact this has on the world’s oceans.  We learned some interesting facts about the possible consequences of littering for the planet.  As a result the children worked hard to plan and write a very persuasive letter to Mr McCrae to invest in better recylcling facilities here at Kingsley – especially for plastic recycling.  The children loved writing their letters!

In Maths we have been looking at measurements including time and reading time for o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to as well as looking at other units of measurement.

We are very proud of our stars of the week this week.  They are:
Attenborough: Corey
Darwin: Mahamoud
Carver: Karikalan
Goodall: Ibraheem 


This week the children have been experimenting with weird and wonderful food combinations for the giant to try as an alternative to fried boys on toast! They had great fun tasting and then enjoyed writing letters from the point of view of Jim to suggest their wonderful concoctions.

They have been keeping a bean diary about the growth of their ‘magic’ bean and have been remembering to water their plants regularly!

In maths the children have been working through some mathematics booklets consolidating their learning about the 4 operations.

Our stars of the week this week are:
Goodall: Abel
Attenborough: Daria
Carver: Alissia
Darwin: Enhao
Well done to all of you. We are very proud!

WB: 13/5/19

Next week the children will be writing persuasive letters to Mr McCrae about improving the recycling facilities at our school. We will be looking at animals in our local environment and linking these animals to the beans we have been growing to create food chains.

In maths the children will be consolidating their learning about statistics and measurements including time.

WB: 29.4.19

This week the children have enjoyed continuing their learning about how plants and seeds grow and have conducted an experiment into what environment cress seeds will grow best in.  The children enjoyed writing a missing persons poster for the giant and Jim also.

In Maths we looked at reading scales for capacity and temperature and tried to answer some tricky word problems.

Ours stars of the week this week are:

Attenborough: Sumayah
Darwin: Bernadette
Goodall: Arbaz
Carver: John